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We're Different.


UV 400

Embedded into the lens

Unlike most children's sunglasses, Noodle embed the UV400 protection right into the lens material. We do not simply coat a film over the top which could easily scratch off.

Comfort Factor

Sensory Sensitivity Approved

We tried and tested an array of materials to make sure Noodles were comfortable for kids to wear. The frames are solid, sturdy, smooth, and stylish.

IMG-5524 (1).JPG

Protective Case


If anyone needs a protective case for their sunglasses it's a child! You will not find any pair of Noodles stuck to a cardboard or plastic backing, ever!

Cool Designs

Only Sheep Follow Crowds

Here at Noodle we want to help kids understand the importance of being themselves. You do you, boo.

IMG-1589 (1).JPG
IMG-6769 (1).JPG

We Have Fun

It's Good for the Soul

Original designs to compliment their individual personalities. Having fun is a priority!

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