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Don't take our word... take theirs



Sharon M.
Pink Cheetah Squared | Books Before Boys

My granddaughter, Martha just adores these. The shape and patterns are so unique and stylish, I personally love the fact they come with a case. So pleased with them! 


June G.
Dude Snapback | Olive Macarons

We bought the Dude cap and were so impressed with the quality. It fits perfectly and my nephew picks up a lot of admirers when he wears it! Cute stuff, really well-made too. 


Ela B.
Shady Babies in Blues Bros

I have twins with blue eyes! I needed the best protection so when my friend told me about Noodle I had to check them out. The strap is awesome - no snagging at all and the frames themselves are silicone - safe, cool and have the comfort factor. We will only let our babies wear Noodles.


Shuzola U.
Boyhood Club Cap | Jelly Shellies

Just stop it! Finally a bunch of fun designs and you feel so much better knowing the kiddos' eyes are actually being protected from the rays. The cap designs crack me up. We love Noodle!


Mark C.
Orange Créme Squared

Excellent product! The protection was a big deal for me, other shades we've had in the past have scratched and we really didn't know how safe they were. These not only look good but my son keeps them on so they must be comfortable. 10/10, we will be shopping again soon.


Brooklyn V.
Pink Cheetah Squared | Got Snacks? Cap

These are so much fun, most sunglasses in stores are boring and they all look the same. These ones have a protective pouch so I won't scratch them and they feel good on my face too. My friends at church want some!


Rosie R.
Green Cheetah Squared

I got the green cheetah sunnies for my granddaughter, so sassy! What fun products, really good for kids to promote their individual personalities. Love how many of the sunglasses are unisex too. 


Bree S.
Mauve Macarons

These feel fantastic! My daughter has sensory sensitivity, the Noodles are the only pair of sunglasses we've found that she will keep on! They are smooth, fit perfectly and we know they are UV 400 safety rated which gives great reassurance. Great job! Cute, feel amazing, safe, and they have a case. Just fabulous.

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